Executive Committee
Kristina Callis Duffin, President Oliver FitzGerald, Vice President and President-Elect Arthur Kavanaugh, Co-Treasurer
Philip Mease, Co-Treasurer Philip Helliwell, Immediate Past President Alice Gottlieb, At Large


Administration Committee
Kristina Callis Duffin Philip Helliwell  Pam Love


Governance Committee
This committee oversees the bylaws for the GRAPPA organization.
A.O. Adebajo, Co-Chair Joel Gelfand, Co-Chair Philip Helliwell
Maarten de Wit Ingrid Steinkoenig  


Education Committee
Plan joint rheumatology - dermatology continuing medical education symposia.
Philip Mease, Co-Chair Amit Garg, Co-Chair Ade Adebajo
April Armstrong Kristina Callis Duffin Philip Helliwell
Katy, Ling Ling Leung Roland MacDonald Ashish Mathew
Enrique Soriano    


Finance/Development Committee
Arthur Kavanaugh, Co-Chair Kristina Callis Duffin, Co-Chair
Philip Mease Chris Lindsay


Global Outreach Committee
Philip Mease, Chair Roland MacDonald


Imaging Committee
Gurjit Kaeley, Co-Chair Mikkel Ostergaard, Co-Chair
Walter Maksymowych Heidi Bertheussen
Lori Schick  


Imaging Committee: Ultrasound
Gurjit Kaeley, Chair Sibel Aydin
Lihi Eder  


Imaging Committee: Whole-Body MRI
Walter Maksymowych, Co-Chair Mikkel Ostergaard, Co-Chair


Meeting Planning
Executive Committee


Membership Committee
Vinod Chandran Cheryl Rosen

 Chris Lindsay

Rodrigo Firmino    
GRAPPA-OMERACT Core Set Steering Committee
Alexis Ogdie, Co-Chair Ana-Maria Orbai, Co-Chair
Co-Chair for North America
Laura Coates
Maarten de Wit Oliver FitzGerlad Dafna Gladman,
Co-Chair for North America
Niti Goel "Katy" Leung,
Co-Chair for Austral-Asia

Chris Lindsay

Philip Mease Vibeke Strand

William Tillett,
Co-Chair for Europe

Patient Research Partners
Kristina Callis Duffin Arthur Kavanaugh Niti Goel
Denis O'Sullivan
Professional Development
Alexis Ogdie, Co-Chair Cheryl Rosen, Co-Chair Enrique Soriano
Publications Committee
Dafna Gladman, Co-Chair Alice Gottlieb, Co-Chair Niti Goel, Co-Chair
Research Committee
Oliver FitzGerald, Co-Chair Paulo Gisondi, Co-Chair

Vinod Chandran

Kurt de Vlam Dafna Gladman Philip Helliwell
Philip Mease Christopher Ritchlin April Armstrong
Heidi Bertheussen Maarten de Wit Niti Goel
John Latella Denis O'Sullivan Stefan Siebert
Rheumatology-Dermatology Combined Clinics
Joseph Merola, Co-Chair Jose Scher, Co-Chair  
Alison Ehrlich John Latella  
Slide Project
Philip Helliwell, Co-Chair Wolf-Henning Boehncke, Co-Chair
Niti Goel Jeffrey Chau
Steering Committee
A.O. Adebajo April Armstrong Kristina Callis Duffin
Alberto Cauli Vinod Chandran Laura Coates
Atul Deodhar Oliver FitzGerald Amit Garg
Dafna Gladman Niti Goel Alice Gottlieb
Philip Helliwell Elaine Husni Arthur Kavanaugh
Philip Mease Joseph Merola Peter Nash
Alexis Ogdie Ana-Maria Orbai Denis O'Sullivan
Christopher Ritchlin Jose Scher Stefan Siebert
Evan Siegel Enrique Soriano Vibeke Strand
Diamant Thaçi    
Treatment Recommendations Committee
The goal of this committee is to review the best scientific evidence and ultimately to develop evidenced based guidelines for the treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis. Also, an important goal is to identify areas that need further research and clarification. It is accepted that the goals of treatment are to: improve the signs and symptoms of disease, prevent damage and disability, optimize functional status and quality of life, avoid toxicity.
Laura Coates, Co-Chair Arthur Kavanaugh,  Co-Chair Philip Mease, Co-Chair
Christopher Ritchlin, Co-Chair Denis O'Sullivan Ingrid Steinkoenig
Training Modules
Kristina Callis Duffin, Co-Chair April Armstrong, Co-Chair Joe Merola, Co-Chair
Dafna Gladman Philip Helliwell Arthur Kavanaugh
Philip Mease Chris Lindsay  
Website Committee
Laura Coates, Co-Chair Kristina Callis Duffin, Co-Chair Pam Love
Philip Mease Peter Nash Denis O'Sullivan
Ingrid Steinkoenig